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Anne Marie Humphrey

Anne Marie Humphrey

Position: Cook II

Year of Service: 10 Years 10 Months


For over a decade, Anne Marie has loved working in the Windsor Court Hotel’s Culinary Department for many reasons. First off, she loves to contribute to a team that’s regularly recognized as being outstanding and offers guests an incredible experience time and time again. Secondly, she believes her team is second to none! They are like a family. They motivate each other and help each other out when times are stressful. Of course, if you make a mistake, like any family, you may never live it down! She absolutely enjoys that type of environment. They keep each other laughing and enjoy what they do together.

To no surprise, Anne Marie loves to cook in her free time, especially her native dishes from Jamaica. Rice and beans, jerk chicken and oxtail are some of the foods that she often cooks that remind her of her life in Kingston. Aside from cooking and doing other chores around the house, she loves to relax and watch Netflix. Currently, she’s watching Daredevil and loves it! If you need someone to recommend action shows on Netflix, Anne Marie is your go-to Netflix concierge!

Favorite Windsor Court Moment:

When asked, Anne Marie explains she has two favorite Windsor Court Hotel moments. The first one that comes to mind occurred during Halloween. To celebrate the occasion, Chef Drew was making the biggest hamburger anyone had ever seen before. Anne Marie looked at it in amazement as every piece of it was edible. From the bun, to the lettuce and tomato, everything was giant sized. To this day she still thinks about the size of the burger and how she wished she could have had a bite!
Her proudest moment, however, was when she was hired here at the Windsor Court Hotel. In her previous job, she would always pass by the hotel wondering what it was like inside and wishing she could be a part of something so magnificently New Orleans. One day she decided to submit an application and to her amazement, she was brought on board! It is a dream that came true for Anne Marie. You can see a twinkle in Anne Marie’s eye as she tells the story.