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The Royal Family - Bill Duncan

Bill Duncan

Position:  Security Officer

Years of Service:  18 Years


A dedicated employee of the Windsor Court for almost 18 years, Bill Duncan has always taken his job as a security officer seriously. In addition to his character and strong work ethic, he is often recognized for going out of his way to help guests and fellow employees.

Although he’s been working in hotel security at some of New Orleans’ most elite hotels since 1979, Bill is no stranger to the hospitality industry, having previously worked as a hotel short-order cook. Currently, his day-to-day duties range from patrolling the hotel and monitoring traffic, to helping guests with requests for safes and leading the charge in recovery of lost items, especially valuables.

Bill likes being at Windsor Court because of the hotel’s “aura of class” and polished, almost European atmosphere. He also relishes the fact that he isn’t restricted to one area and is able to stay mobile while getting the work done.

Born and raised in New Orleans’ 7th Ward, Bill graduated from St. Augustine High School before going on to Tennessee State University, where he played football alongside the legendary Ed Lee “Too Tall” Jones. Known around the hotel as “The Professor,” Bill is an avid history buff. When he’s not working or soaking in the knowledge of days gone by, he also enjoys long distance walking and light weight lifting.

Favorite Windsor Court Moment

Bill’s devotion to his job is always apparent, and his favorite Windsor Court moment stems from a unique encounter with one of the guests, who called regarding a ring her husband had absent-mindedly left in their room. Although the guest was clearly upset, Bill was able to offer consolation, assuring her that he would find and return the lost treasure.

True to his word, he found the ring with housekeeping and reconnected with the guest, a former New Orleans resident who had relocated to San Antonio, Texas. The phone call proved even more valuable than the recovery of the lost item when Bill realized that the guest was his grandmother’s former employer and friend of the family.

When he identified himself as “Margaret’s grandson,” a decades-old relationship was rekindled and the families were in touch for the first time since his brother’s wedding in 1968. Bill takes pride in the fact that, not only was he able to help the guest, but he handled the situation just like his grandmother would have all those years ago.

Bill Duncan