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The Royal Family - Branette Turner

Branette Turner

Position:  Trainer, Housekeeping Department

Years of Service:  20


Branette has been a valuable member of Windsor’s family for over 20 years. As a pillar of the housekeeping department, she has earned the title of Employee of the Year for her consistency and dedication to excellence. With one ear to the ground, Branette is constantly in tune with guests’ needs and loves going above and beyond to make their day. Always a team player, Branette loves a good joke, and her knack for making people smile has made her a favorite with co-workers and guests alike. 

Favorite Windsor Court Moment

“I second-lined alongside Mayor Marc Morial in Windsor Court's courtyard as we celebrated being named by Condé Nast readers as 1998’s Best Hotel in the World,” says Branette. “It was a really special day and it made me so proud to be part of the reason the hotel was recognized.”

Branette Turner