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The Royal Family - Duy Nguyen

Duy Nguyen

Position:  Banquet Server

Years of Service:  16 Years 7 Months


Duy started his career at the Windsor Court Hotel part-time while attending nursing school.  After hurricane Katrina flooded the city, the school he attended closed so Duy decided to pursue a career in hospitality full-time.  When asked if this was an easy choice, Duy states that it’s been one of the best decisions he has made and his life. 

 Having worked with many personalities over the years, he truly finds that coming to work at the Windsor Court Hotel is a pleasure because of the people he works with.  What I appreciate the most is the loyalty and friendships.  This is my home away from home and I love bringing my wife and kids to the family fun day.  It is an amazing event that my two sons ages 2 and 4 truly enjoy.  I have been blessed to have two homes and the Windsor Court is my second home and family. When not working, I spend time with my boys and my favorite hobby is raising fish and shopping for aquatic supplies.

Favorite Windsor Court Moment

About two years ago he was asked to work a very private event and he had no idea who the host was. Duy was blown away when he saw the host, Paul McCartney. Duy said, “Everything went smoothly and the guests were absolutely happy with the hotel and our service.”