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The Royal Family - Edith Dugars

Edith Dugars

Edith Dugars

Position:  Banquet Server

Years of Service:  5 Years 4 Months


As an all around people person, Edith’s positive attitude, genuine sense of humor and outgoing personality make her a perfect fit for the banquet department. In her role as a banquet server she always enjoys the opportunity to WOW guests and make personal connections. Her big smile and laughter comes straight from the heart.From setting up a room, serving food or tending a bar, she appreciates the fact that every day is another chance to make a difference! She is always ready for a new task or challenge to conquer, keeping Edith on her toes and at the ready to ensure complete guest satisfaction. When not working, Edith loves to read and also enjoys shopping for her favorite things. You name it, a special dress, purses, shoes and gifts for every occasion infuses her retail habit.

Favorite Windsor Court Moment

Edith said she truly enjoys meeting and talking to guests from all over the world every day which makes it feel as though she is constantly traveling somewhere different. After serving a dinner for guests at a banquet in the hotel, the guests were so impressed with Edith that they personally asked her if she would like to come and assist them on their chartered cross-country flight. At 20,000ft in the air, Edith was doing exactly what she loves, talking to guests and wowing them. This is truly a special moment that she will never forget.