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The Royal Family - George Curtis

George Curtis

George Curtis

Position: Banquet Server

Years of Service: 14 Years 


In April of 2004, George Curtis joined the Windsor Court family and remains a highly recognizable associate to both guests and employees alike.  In 2004, George started as a Banquet Houseperson and quickly became known for his attitude and ever-present smile.  George was also very eager to learn other departments.  He spent time in Suite Service and as a Server in the Grill Room.  For the past 13 years, George has worked as Banquet Server and enjoys it immensely.  When asked why he enjoys working in Banquets as a Server, George is quick to state that he is able to interact and entertain guests for longer periods of time rather than in a restaurant setting.  It is no doubt that George’s personality and conviviality lend to his success in the department.

Because George is such a class-act in entertaining and relating to people, it’s no surprise that his favorite part about the Windsor Court Hotel is the associates.  He loves to talk to everyone and make them laugh.  He is known throughout the hotel for his personality and eagerness to make someone smile.  George believes the incredible tenure many of the associates at the hotel have contributes to building successful working relationships.   

Favorite Windsor Court Moment

When asked, George’s most salient memory here at the Windsor Court Hotel is of meeting a certain former President of the United States of America.  Of course, George states it’s not every day you meet a President.  But what he really chuckles about is the fact that while appearing on television, George introduced himself to the President, and the President mispronounced his name when talking to him.  He still gets a kick out of that to this day.