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The Royal Family - Kent Wilkins

Kent Wilkins

Position:  Lead Painter

Years of Service:  23 years


“I love what I do and I have great pride in my work,” explains Kent Wilkins, Windsor Court’s lead painter since 1991.

You may not see Kent during your stay, but you’ll see his work everywhere you turn. As part of the engineering staff at the hotel, Kent works to keep the facility in tip top shape.

Born and raised in New Orleans to a family in the painting trade, Kent started learning his skills when he was 14 years old from a master craftsman. He specializes in advanced painting techniques, like the faux marble finish seen on the base of the iconic dog statues flanking the front doors. He now trains new employees and temporary contractors and he looks forward to passing on his talents to the next generation.

To his colleagues, Kent is the go-to guy for his experience and dedication. He has been with the hotel through three major renovations and he has been recognized many times for his quality work. He is a proactive team player and has been that way since day one.

Kent says he loves working at the Windsor Court because “it’s a well-known hotel – the best in the world. It has international flavors; people from all over the world come to stay here.”

Away from the hotel, Kent finds peace of mind fishing in any water he can find. When he’s not fishing Kent spends time with his wife, three children and six grandchildren.


Favorite Windsor Court Moment

Kent explains, “It feels like I am in Hollywood with all of the famous people I see who stay with us.”

When asked to choose one specific memory, Kent recalled “I’ve seen a lot of people here at Windsor Court - Britney Spears, Tina Turner, Morgan Freeman and others. But it was really special when President George H.W. Bush stayed here while he was in office, and he had to sneak into the hotel through the back entrance.”

Kent Wilkins