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Linh Luong

Linh Luong

Position: Pastry Cook

Year of Service: 12 Years


Mr. Linh Luong is about to celebrate twelve years with the Windsor Court Hotel in July.  Mr. Linh has spent his entire twelve years in the Windsor Court Hotel’s pastry department.  When you ask Mr. Linh why he loves baking so much, you can tell it’s just something that comes natural to him.  He has spent a majority of his life baking in different locations across the United States and brings a wealth of baking knowledge and personality to our family.  Mr. Linh credits the family atmosphere and teamwork he experiences on a daily basis as the driving forces of his motivation to be the best.

Mr. Linh can be seen baking all kinds of treats for our guests to enjoy but what he really enjoys baking are the different types of breads the Windsor Court Hotel offers.  All you have to do is follow the smell of freshly baked bread and you are sure to see Mr. Linh hard at work with a smile on his face and a willingness to say, “hello”.  In fact, Mr. Linh can be witnessed walking up and down the halls wishing everyone a good morning or good evening.  He makes sure to say hello to everyone he comes across which helps to brighten everyone’s day.

Favorite Windsor Court Moment:

Mr. Linh remembers the moment the Windsor Court Hotel achieved its fifth diamond.  He loves being part of a family that works so well together and achieves the highest goals set.  However, it’s almost as if every day is Mr. Linh’s favorite day with the joy he brings with his ever-present smile and cheerful attitude.