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The Royal Family - Phuong Thi Nguyen

Phong Thi Nguyen

Phuong Thi Nguyen

Position: Banquet Server

Year of Service: 5 Years


Being part of the Windsor Court Hotel for 22 years, Mrs. Phuong continues to show her commitment and dedication by being a very valuable member of the Windsor Court Family.  It is through the positive feedback she has received throughout her career from guests and co-workers alike that continues to maintain her positive drive.  Her friendly smile is warm and sweet much like the beautiful pastries she creates.

Mrs. Phuong loves to learn new things and she’s able to do so daily here at the Windsor Court Hotel.  From learning to make new desserts, meeting new people and gaining new friends, there is always something new to learn and do at the Windsor Court Hotel.  Mrs. Phuong loves when guests speak to her and let her know how wonderful of a place the hotel is. 

Mrs. Phuong loves to cook, which she obviously enjoys since she decided to make a career out of it.  She also loves to shop for clothes for herself and her husband while finding new and interesting things to buy to spruce up her house.  But her most favorite thing to do is travel.  Among the places she’s been are Dubai, Cancun, Hawaii and Vietnam.  Of all the places she traveled, her most favorite place is Dubai.  There she road camels and ate a fantastic dinner at a very opulent hotel.  She states the garden at the restaurant was simply magnificent.


Favorite Windsor Court Moment:

When asked, Mrs. Phuong states her favorite Windsor Court Hotel moment occurred when the Windsor Court was rated #1 in the city of New Orleans.  She gained a tremendous amount of pride with being involved with such a well-known, New Orleans establishment.  When she would mention to people she worked at the Windsor Court Hotel, it always made her feel incredibly respected with the type of reaction she was given.  She states being part of this team still gives her energy and the continued respect the hotel garners always makes her proud.