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The Royal Family - Robert Pope

Robert Pope

Position:  2nd Class Shift Engineer

Years of Service:  10 years


A New Orleans native, Robert has worked in the city all his life; however, due to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Robert was forced to relocate.  Only gone for a few months, once back in the city, he saw that the Windsor Court was hiring, and that is where he has been ever since. 

Robert began his tenure at Windsor Court as a Maintenance Tech, attending to the basic upkeep of the hotel such as changing lightbulbs and fixing loose fixtures.  Very soon thereafter, he got his license to be a 2nd class shift engineer allowing him to be an expert in his field and work on all facets of the building, including plumbing and electrical cases.  He enjoys the varying challenges the building gives him, and he takes great pride in being able to problem solve.  He is also quick to brag of his perfect attendance he has had since his start in 2006.   

In his free time, Robert likes to collect movies from all time periods and enjoys learning history.  ‘Papa Rob’ as his five grandchildren fondly call him, also loves spending has much time with his grandchildren as possible. 

Favorite Windsor Court Moment

Robert enjoys interacting with all of Windsor Court’s guests, but he particularly enjoys the unique benefit of being able to assist some of the hotel’s celebrity guests.  The most memorable interaction he had was his encounter with Oprah Winfrey.  He was impressed with how very personable she was and how she really wanted to be treated like any other guest, and so that is what he did.  He extended the same personalized and warm service Windsor Court is so known for.