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The Royal Family - Tereall Bradley

Tereall Bradley

Tereall Bradley

Position: Houseman

Years of Service: 11 Years

A native of New Orleans, Tereall has been an integral part of Windsor Court’s housekeeping team for over eleven years.  Aside from his current position as Houseman, Tereall has also held positions in laundry and in the upkeep of the courtyard.

As the brawn of the team, in addition to his day-to-day duties of ensuring all housekeepers are equipped with plenty of linen and all storage rooms are properly stocked, Tereall is often called upon by other departments to assist in any heavy lifting or moving that might be required, including the annual tradition of loading-in Windsor Court’s magnificent 20-foot Christmas tree into the lobby. 

In his down time, Tereall enjoys riding his bike, singing, break-dancing and watching WWE.

Favorite Windsor Court Moment

When Tereall first started in the laundry department, a large pipe burst and the laundry room had to be evacuated.  Tereall recalls staying back to try and plug up the pipe until Engineering arrived to ensure all the equipment would remain dry and damages were mitigated as much as possible.  It was a proud moment for him to try and assist the hotel during this emergency situation.