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The Royal Family - Tracy Darensbourg

Tracy Darensbourg

Position:  Accounts Payable Clerk

Years of Service:  13 Years


Tracy Darensbourg joined the Windsor Court Hotel staff as a General Cashier in 2002. When she returned to the hotel after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and during a time that everyone on staff had to develop new skills, she cross-trained to join the Accounts Payable team, a role she takes seriously.

While Tracy spends much of her day inputting revenue, reconciling deposits and coordinating vendor payments, she also knows the importance of a sense of humor and never fails to greet guests and team members with a smile. Her positive attitude, dependability and ability to put others at ease make Tracy a favorite among staff and supervisors.

Tracy considers her Windsor Court colleagues a second family, and while she relishes getting to see the same people every day, she also thrives on getting to know new people and checking in with those she hasn’t talked to in a while.

Confident in what the future holds for her, Tracy takes pride in the fact that her work at Windsor Court has blossomed beyond “just a job” into a career, and she looks forward to one day retiring from the hotel. She’s been able to make a better life for herself and her family, and she attributes that success to her time at Windsor Court.

Outside of her work at the hotel, Tracy’s focus is family. Married for more than 17 years, she and her husband treasure every moment spent with their 4-year-old daughter. With three sisters and two brothers in town, family gatherings at her mother’s house are also a frequent pastime. Tracy’s family takes full advantage of her passion for cooking, and they frequently crave her pecan pies and okra.


Favorite Windsor Court Moment

Tracy’s devotion to her second family runs deep, so it’s only natural that her favorite moment at Windsor Court involves a shared experience with colleagues. Like many New Orleans residents, Tracy was forced to evacuate when Hurricane Katrina hit. She returned to the city as soon as possible and fondly remembers receiving a call from Windsor Court, one of the first hotels up and running after the storm—they wanted to know if she was okay and ready to return to work.

On October 4, 2005, Tracy reunited with her Windsor Court family. Each week, all of the employees would gather in the hotel courtyard to take a group photo. As the weeks rolled by, more and more people returned to work, and eventually, the family was back together and everyone was “home.” Being part of that team and celebrating with old friends as they returned to the hotel was a special time for Tracy and a memory she’ll always treasure.

Tracy Darensbourg