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The Royal Family - Zoom Nguyen

Zoom Nguyen

Position:  Banquet Server

Years of Service:  32 years


Within the first few minutes of speaking with Zoom, it is clear why she has been a loyal member of the Windsor Court family since the beginning.  A recipient of the ‘Employee of the Year’ award in 1999, she has a great sense of pride not only in providing the best possible service experience for the guest, but in being an Ambassador for one of the finest hotels in the world. 

As one of only five original employees still working at the hotel, Zoom actually started as part of the pre-opening team.  She initially worked as an office administrator, moving to housekeeping to assist in getting the hotel ready for opening and then to the kitchen for two years as garde manger once the hotel opened its doors.  Craving to work directly with the guest, Zoom then moved on to be a banquet server where she has happily stayed ever since. 

Congenial and positive, it is easy to see why Zoom is a perfect fit for her position.  She relishes in telling guests who are unfamiliar with the Windsor Court just how special the hotel is and she enjoys working hard to prove that.  Stating, “I like earning a living for my sweat,” Zoom is detail-oriented and enjoys exceeding expectations in the hopes that guests will have a memorable experience and will want to return. 

When not at work, Zoom enjoys spending time with her two 5-year old grandchildren and also enjoys travelling so that she can learn about new places, cultures and art.  

Favorite Windsor Court Moment

Although Zoom has had the opportunity to serve the likes of President Kennedy and Princess Margaret, her favorite memory came 15 years ago when serving a Board of Director’s meeting.  There were only ten attendees, but Zoom went above and beyond to get these executives last minute items they had not previously requested and to ensure they were well taken care of. 

The CEO was so impressed by her service, he requested to have all of the senior managers at the hotel come down to the meeting room so he could compliment and applaud her efforts.  And then to everyone’s surprise, as an expression of his thanks, he extended an offer for her and her husband to travel back to her home country of Vietnam at his expense. 

Still overcome with emotion when recounting this story, she could not believe what a generous offer it was.  Zoom did take him up on the offer and went to Vietnam with her husband in August of 2005.  Although she brought him back a gift, it is still sitting at her house as she did not think it was big enough to repay him.  As much as Zoom left an indelible impression on that CEO, like many of the hotel’s special guests, he certainly left a lasting impression on her.