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Body Treatments

The Windsor
Feel your tensions melt away as you treat yourself to our very own all-inclusive luxurious body treatment. We start this experience by stimulating circulation with a dry body brush. Next, engulf your senses in tranquility as your massage therapist incorporates an aromatherapy scent of your choosing in an 80-minute massage infused with nourishing and immune boosting, coconut oil. The treatment is topped off with our soothing head in hands treatment. You will leave fully rejuvenated and ready to take on the world.

110 Minute Service

The Monarch - A Detox Wrap
The cure for too much fun in the Big Easy is this stimulating and detoxifying treatment. Dry body brushing is followed by a sedating massage using aromatherapy oils. You are cocooned in layers to assist your body in eliminating unwanted toxins, as you enjoy a lavish head and scalp massage. You'll be back to the good times in no time.

80 Minute Service w/50 Minute Swedish Massage
110 Minute Service w/80 Minute Swedish Massage

Regal Retreat
A detoxifying treatment that begins with dry brushing of the body to release toxins, followed by an invigorating full body scrub and steam shower to slough all the unwanted dead skin from your body. The transformational effect finishes with a stimulating massage including an aromatherapy scent of your choice.

80 Minute Service w/50 Minute Massage
110 Minute Service w/80 Minute Massage

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